Helping ensure the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled are represented.
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Membership and Purpose Statement

CASHPCR was organized about 4 decades ago when parents from the different State Hospitals came together to work on issues that affect their children. Our membership has changed as some Developmental Centers have closed. Other family groups have decided to pursue advocacy outside of the CASHPCR organization.

CASHPCR currently represents and speaks directly on behalf of Fairview Families and Friends, from Fairview Developmental Center; and the Porterville Parent Group, from Porterville Developmental Center. The CASHPCR Board contains Directors and Officers from both of these Developmental Centers.

The CASHPCR Board also contains members from the Parents Coordinating Council Board of Lanterman Developmental Center and PCC membership at large. They serve as Officers, and Members of the CASHPCR Advisory Board. Our members also serve on the Governor's Advisory Boards of Lanterman and Porterville Developmental Centers; the State Council on Developmental Disabilities; the Olmstead Advisory Committee, and on Regional Center Boards. The Board includes members whose relatives are receiving services at Developmental Centers, in the community setting, and members whose relatives have passed away.

Our organization, consistent with our bylaws, personifies the commitment that our families have made to work to improve the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities.

We are proud of the advocacy that CASHPCR has engaged in during its history, including our collaboration with all entities seeking to address the issues affecting all individuals with developmental disabilities.

Theresa DeBell
President, CASHPCR

California Association of State Hospital Parent Councils for the Retarded
2000 O St., Suite 250
Sacramento, CA 95814-5286

CASH/PCR is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation law for public and charitable purposes.